Treat Your Surfaces

How to Best Treat Your Surface

Take some time to consider the type of wood you’re treating, in addition to the issue you’re protecting your outdoor surface against. For example, decks made from hardwoods like teak, benefit from the addition of a decking oil, which amplifies the natural beauty of the grain and color. Softer wood materials, like pine, benefit more from waterproofing stains, since they’re more susceptible to damage from wear and water. The natural wood grain and coloration is also not as intricate or interesting, thus does not exhibit the same effect when oiled.


For added pigment, we recommend selecting a waterproofing stain. This will deliver protection from moisture, including warding off mold and mildew, while also adding a subtle tint to match the ambiance of your outdoor living space. 



Overhead view of modern deck finished in Thompson’s WaterSeal Solid Color Wood Sealer in trending Desert Tan

Make sure your deck gets the outdoor protection you want and the seal of approval it deserves.

Stained backyard fence, half in shadow, half in sunlight.

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Wooden planter on concrete patio, both protected with Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer
Brick & Masonry

We not only protect wood surfaces — but concrete, brick, masonry, and more.