Natural wood surfaces require more attention than most others, it seems, likely due to their knack for generating mold and mildew if not placed in the perfect location—just enough sunlight, the right amount of shade, but not too much humidity. If your deck, fence, or other exterior wood surface is plagued by either, chances are you’re in the market for a waterproofing solution. And since mold and mildew thrive in damp, dark conditions, waterproofing your exterior wood surfaces should be an annual occurrence. 

Tip:  To determine if your exterior wood surface needs waterproofing, try a quick splash test. Sprinkle water over sections of the wood . If the water absorbs within five seconds, the wood needs to be treated. If the water beads up on top of the surface, then the wood does not need waterproofing.

Thompson's® WaterSeal® Clear Wood Sealer helps protect the surface of your wooden deck, fence, outdoor furniture and other items from damage resulting from repeated exposure to moisture and UV rays. And like all our products it’s simple to apply—going on clear with a paint pad, brush, roller or sprayer to maintain the wood’s natural color. Plus, you’ll know in no time that the product is living up to its name, since under normal conditions, which vary based on temperature and humidity, it will be dry to the touch in as little as two hours, and you’ll see moisture beading on the protected surface, showing its water repellency.

Struggling with mold, mildew, other water-related issues and the current color of your deck, outdoor furniture pieces or other exterior wood items? Enter Thompson’s WaterSeal lineup of exterior wood sealers, formulated to address all the above in just one coat to boot. These products deliver lasting protection for outdoor furniture against water and sun damage, while also enhancing the wood’s grain and adding a touch of color, based on your opacity and stain color of choice. 

Plus, in addition to being available as a transparent, semi-transparent or solid, Thompson’s WaterSeal Wood Sealer comes in a variety of different stain colors, depending on opacity—ranging from Natural Cedar and Harvest Gold to Coastal Gray and Sedona Red—that improve upon the natural beauty of the wood grain, while also giving your wood surface a vibrant pop to liven up your outdoor living space. 

Go ahead, take your pick.

Tip: For deeper color, wait two hours between coats and apply additional layers within four hours of initial application. 

Exterior wood surfaces aren’t the only ones that need annual upkeep, especially when it comes to waterproofing. Concrete, brick, mortar and paver stones all have porous surfaces that can be damaged by repeated exposure to moisture. Without proper maintenance, each of these outdoor surfaces will suffer cracking, spalling, displacement and staining, resulting in the potential for serious structural damage and more time, effort and money you’ll need to spend on repairs. And we’re also pretty sure you’d like more for your home’s exterior. 

Thompson’s® WaterSeal® Multi-Surface Waterproofer protects wood surfaces and the brand’s Masonry Protector delivers waterproof protection for a variety of other outdoor nonwooden surfaces, including brick, concrete, pavers, stone, stucco, clay and quarry tile. Plus, they both do multiple jobs, suiting them perfectly for the many surfaces they’re geared for—one waterproofs and protects against moisture, the other waterproofs and adds a protective seal to brick, concrete and other surfaces as well. The waterproofing and outdoor experts at Thompson’s WaterSeal know exactly what it takes to preserve and protect your masonry—from prepping to coating—with just a single hardworking coat. 

Tip: Make staining less daunting by dividing large areas into smaller, more manageable spaces. 

Protecting and maintaining all your exterior surfaces, year after year, can easily be simplified if you know where to start. Thompson’s WaterSeal is here to take the edge off, thanks to our one-coat products, informative how-to guides and decades of expertise. With a little help, those staining and waterproofing jobs will be done and you’ll be back to enjoying everything else summertime has to offer. 

For more tips and tricks for getting your deck upkeep, outdoor furniture protection or other DIY stain-and-seal project started smoothly, check out our ABC’s & D’s of Deck Care.