Thompson's® WaterSeal® Advanced Natural Wood Protector

Advanced Natural Wood Protector

Specially formulated wood protector that provides one-coat maximum strength protection and a coating that resists mildew and UV damage. With a patented formula, this advanced waterproofer enables you to clean and treat in one day and to apply immediately to new pressure-treated wood.

Key Features

  • Long-Lasting Coating Resists Mildew Growth, UV Damage and Fading
  • One Day Project — Applies to both damp or dry wood in just one coat
  • Water-Based for Easy Soap and Water Clean Up

Approximate Coverage

  • 200 Sq. Ft/Gal.
Coverage depends on the condition and porosity of the wood.
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Before You Begin

  • Do a trial test before application. Surface may darken slightly with application and color appearance is different when fully dry. Also, previous water-repellent treatments may interfere with the penetration of this product. If your deck has been routinely treated with a water-repellent, substantial cleaning may be required. To test, clean deck and apply product by brush to one sq. ft. area that has experienced either low traffic, rests under an eave, or is in a corner. Product should penetrate wood if surface is properly cleaned.
  • Do not apply if rain is expected within 48 hours. Also, temperature must be above 50°F and remain above freezing for 24 hours.
  • Cover plants and shrubs. If using a sprayer, move all objects that could come in contact with over-spray. Wet over-spray can be removed by flushing immediately with water. Dry over-spray can be removed with mineral spirits, paint thinner, or alternative paint remover products.
  • Do not use in below grade application where water pressure is a problem or on painted or recently stained surfaces.
  • Protect product from freezing. Do not store below 32° F. In case of accidental freezing, call The Thompson's Help Line at 1-800-367-6297.

Surface Preparation

  • Wood surface must be free of all waterproofers, wood stains, paint and stains from dirt, mildew, mold and other contaminants.
  • Prior to application, clean surface completely with a deck cleaner and/or pressure-washer depending on condition of deck and level of cleaning needed. 


  • Do not use with other waterproofing products, as variations in the final appearance of the wood may result.
  • Do not thin.
  • Manually shake or stir contents for a minimum of 2 minutes before use. Intermix all containers (of the same color) to be used to assure color uniformity.
  • A small trial patch should be tried before application over the entire surface.
  • Apply using a paint pad or brush. Keep the leading edge wet and distribute waterproofer evenly to help avoid lap marks and keep the color uniform. Work from top to bottom or side to side in small areas so that the leading edge remains wet at all times during application. If using a garden or pump-up sprayer, back-brushing (with paint pad or brush) will be required to even out the finish. DO NOT APPLY USING A ROLLER. Some nozzle openings of sprayers may be too small for this formula. DO NOT THIN. If clogging occurs, use paint pad or brush. If using an airless sprayer, it is recommended that tips 409, 411 and 413 be used. These tips provide adequate spray patterns while applying an appropriate amount of product to the surface being treated. These tips along with back-brushing provide proper results.
  • Apply only ONE THIN even coat. A heavier or additional coat will NOT improve performance or appearance. DO NOT APPLY TWO COATS. Avoid puddling.
  • Tackiness will result if over applied. May also occur after application if overnight temperature falls below 50°F within 48 hours of application.

Clean Up

  • Clean brushes and equipment with soap and water.
  • Dry product can be removed with mineral spirits, paint thinner or alternative paint remover products.


CAUTIONS: Use only with adequate ventilation. For exterior use only. To avoid overexposure, if treating enclosed exterior rooms or porches, open windows and doors or use other means to ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. If you experience eye watering, headaches, or dizziness, increase fresh air, or wear respiratory protection (NIOSH approved) or leave the area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands after using. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage. FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water. Get medical attention if irritation persists. If swallowed, call Poison Control Center, hospital emergency room, or physician immediately. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

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