Fall Deck Prep: New Thompson’s WaterSeal Survey Reveals 54% of Respondents Waterproof their Deck to Make it Last Longer

54% of respondents say the most important reason to waterproof is to extend the longevity of the deck.

CLEVELAND, NOVEMBER 2023—Thompson’s® WaterSeal®, an industry leader in exterior waterproofing products and America's Recognized Brand in Water Protection, is releasing today the results of a recent survey that asked 1,500 homeowners their thoughts on waterproofing and their outdoor DIY preferences. According to the survey, 71% of homeowners surveyed have plans to complete an outdoor DIY project in the next year, compared to only 62% who stated they completed a project in the last year.

Most consumers are not waterproofing their non-wood surfaces.

Of those surveyed that have a concrete, brick, or stone patio at home, 56% have never waterproofed those surfaces. While 80% see the benefits of regular waterproofing for wood, that number decreases for non-wood surfaces. 45% believe concrete benefits from regular waterproofing, while only 33% believe the same for brick and 26% for stone.

Concrete, brick, stone and other masonry products are porous; therefore, water can cause risk of cracking and breaking. It’s important to protect your outdoor living spaces from harsh weather, harmful moisture, and unwelcome damages.

“Using a dependable waterproofer on not only wood surfaces like decks, furniture and fences, but non-wood surfaces like concrete, brick and stone will help extend the life of your outdoor living areas and help them look great, longer,” said Kristen Ashbrook, Product Manager, Thompson’s WaterSeal.

Understanding the benefits of regular deck maintenance.

The reason cited by the majority of respondents (54%) to waterproof their decks is to ensure longevity. Beyond longevity, respondents also cited other motivators such as preventing wear and tear (21%), reducing maintenance and repair costs (16%) and lastly impressing guests (9%).

The survey also brought to light a waterproofing cardinal rule that many DIYers may be overlooking. Almost 40% of respondents indicated they believe they can wait three or more years to waterproof their decks. According to Ashbrook, “it’s important to check your deck each year for trouble spots or potential damage to see if it needs waterproofing rather than waiting a full 3 or more years. This way you can make sure you’re preserving the wood and keeping your deck in good condition longer.”

The top outdoor DIY projects consumers are considering this year.

Thompson’s WaterSeal delved deeper into the homeowners' outdoor DIY aspirations for the year, uncovering a range of exterior projects. From building new decks, concrete patios and fences, the survey illuminated the top outdoor DIY projects homeowners are keen to undertake to update their outdoor living spaces.

Here’s the projects respondents are considering tackling this year:

  • Building a new deck (24%)
  • Staining or waterproofing a deck (38%)
  • Building a concrete patio (22%)
  • Staining or waterproofing patio (23%)
  • Building a new fence (30%)
  • Staining or waterproofing a (17%)

This survey data offers valuable insights about waterproofing projects and the importance of educating DIYers about the benefits of waterproofing their outdoor surfaces,” said Ashbrook. "We encourage homeowners to prioritize the longevity of their decks by practicing regular waterproofing and deck maintenance. Additionally, it's vital to understand that non-wood surfaces can greatly benefit from regular waterproofing to ensure they withstand harsh weather conditions."

You can find more information about how to how to best waterproof you wood and non-wood surfaces at ThompsonsWaterSeal.com.


The Thompson’s WaterSeal survey of 1,500 homeowners was conducted online by SurveyMonkey in June 2023.

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